REO Rock Star Home Study Course Review and Bonus

REO Rock Star Review

In case you hadn’t heard, Preston Ely and Lee Kearney have rolled out their REO Rock Star training..

I don’t pimp too many products on my blog- only those that are being sold by people I know and respect, or those that I have purchased myself and give my stamp of approval to.

I get emails all the time asking for recommendations on courses that teach how to wholesale REOs, and up until now, I haven’t been able to find any that I would feel comfortable recommending.

I’ll just be blunt here and say that if you are interested in learning how to wholesale REOs, you would be crazy not to sign up for the REO Rock Star Course.

That’s the honest truth.  I don’t know of another wholesaler in Tampa (or anywhere for that matter), who is wholesaling more REOs than Lee Kearney is.   I have been to events where Lee Kearney and Preston Ely Both Spoke about the REO Rock Star and Yes, I purchased the Reo Rock Star Home Study Course. 

I met Lee Kearney and Preston ELy when I was first trying to find my niche, It was at the Very First Freedomsoft even and Preston ELy has been somewhat of a mentor to me since then. He’s the first person I call when I have questions about a deal…. the first person I call when I can’t find a buyer for one of my deals…..the first person I call when I think I might have offered too much on a house and now the bank has countered me back and I’m not sure what to do. Preston Ely is the guy I go to.

I’ve talked with Preston Ely at length about the reo rock star course and have wrote several reo rock star reviews, and I am telling you, if you want to be walked through the process of wholesaling REOs from beginning to end, then you absolutely need to get in on this training.

There’s a lot of crap being peddled out there on the internet, but the reo rock star home study course is the real deal. I don’t know of anyone who is doing more business wholesaling REOs right now in this market. You could not pick a better person to learn from.

I have provided a link to a video that will answer questions and give you a little more insight into what he is going to be offering in this course. He’s shutting the admissions down at midnight tonight (sorry for the late notice), so if you’re interested, make sure you get in by then.


If you can’t swing the reo rock star homestudy course, you can get the REO Rockstar ebook.  It’s only $47!

I have Provided some questions and Answers for You. 

Q. Can an absolute newbie do this strategy?

A. This is the perfect strategy for the newbie because it is so simple, and it doesn’t require cash for marketing, a good credit score, or any special experience to get started. Get started now! »

Q. How quickly can I start making money with the REO Rockstar program? I need money NOW.
The second you get into REO Rockstar, you’ll finally have everything you need to make real money real fast. The reality is that each user brings a unique level of determination, time commitment, and willingness to follow step-by-step instructions. The REO Rockstar program won’t print money for you.. but if you follow the program exactly, dedicate yourself, & work hard, you will be extremely satisfied with the results. Get started now! »

Q. I have a full-time job. Can I make money with the REO Rockstar program in my spare time?
A. Yes. Many REO Rockstar members start during their evening & weekend hours, until their REO investing income is able to replace or significantly supplement their employment income. Get started now! »

Q. Do I need to be a real estate agent to do this?

A. You absolutely do not need to be an agent; use an agent; or even be licensed to follow this strategy. Get started now! »

Q. Isn’t this a bad time for real estate because of the economy?

A. For REO Rockstar members, a so-called “bad” economy creates our opportunity! To us, the economy is amazing. Really. You may not believe it yet, but you will soon enough. Stop watching the news and start getting money. Your family & your future depend on it, and the REO Rockstar program makes it possible. Get started now! »

Q. I’ve been burned by “make money in real estate” stuff before. How is REO Rockstar any different?
A. Other systems give you small pieces of the pie. The REO Rockstar program takes the pie, bakes it for you, slices it into 8 delicious pieces, then spoon feeds you those pieces until you’re fat & happy. From moment one, the REO Rockstar program gives you the tools, the A-to-Z resources, the support, and the personal mentoring you need to make real money as-fast-as-humanly-possible. No more, no less. Get started now! »

Q. I am ready to move forward, but I’m not sure what to do first and how to get started.

A. Just follow the steps in the program. We break this business down into easy-to-follow steps that ANYONE can do! You have nothing to lose, and your freedom to gain. I’m ready to get started now!

P.P.P.S.  Ok Last Ps I promise, If you buy the REO Rock Star Through the Link I have provided. I will give you a Special Bonus. 
You will receive my complete REal Estate Flipping Secrets home study course a $700 +++ value.

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Instant Cash Infusion Reviews

Over the past few years real estate investors have been secrets making a killing assigning contracts or wholesaling. Now there is a way to wholesale houses that no one else is doing. I call them Instant Cash Infusion strategies or “ICI” for short.

A lot of investors I’ve talked with and surveyed are looking for ways to make quick cash in 2011. They like the long term deals with huge paydays like short sales and rehabs BUT they are more concerned about making money now.

If you’re looking to do your first deal or if you’re an experienced investor looking for ways to infuse your business with chunks of cash then you’ll want to pay close attention. Last week I revealed 4 ways to make money in 2011 without banks, bank financing and without having to wait 4-7 months for a payday.

There were over 5,000 people who watched my presentation. I have one more brand new Instant Cash Infusion strategy that can make you quick cash. You can start doing this by Friday and make cash by next Friday. (That’s 7 days!) I scheduled two training presentations for Tuesday night to tell you all about it. Choose the time that works best for you:

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In this presentation I’ll show you 4 unique investing strategies that work right now: *How to make $3,000 – $7,000 “BIRD DOGGING” properties at the foreclosure auction for other investors.

*How to Buy Properties For Your Own Portfolio at the foreclosure auctions. *How to Find and Utilize the Services of Auction Bird Dogs for Yourself so you don’t have to attend the auction. This goes right along with my strategy of creating your own “Apprentice Program” which I’ve been teaching since 2004.

*How to create a buyer’s list of 25-30 investors in one afternoon in order to assign and wholesale your equity, short sale and lease option properties to them. *Using this strategy you can “BIRD DOG” for other experienced investors, find properties for them to buy and get paid quickly for doing it.

*What’s so cool is that you won’t need money, credit, experience, banks or any bank financing just like the other ICI strategies I have been teaching you. “Bird dogging” at the foreclosure auction is Instant Cash Infusion Strategy #5.

Register for one of the training presentations to learn all about it. Choose the time that works best for you:

P.S. There are over 6 million foreclosure properties in “shadow” inventory. These properties are in default, distress and foreclosure and about to hit the market. Using the strategies I’ll show you Tuesday night you can take advantage of some of this inventory and get an Instant Cash Infusion of between $3,000 to $7,000 in the next 16-60 days.


How to evaluate Real Estate Deals

As a beginning investor one of the hardest parts about real estate investing is evaluating deals. How do you know if you are getting a good deal on a property? Most will tell you it takes experience and I truly believe it does. But there are steps you can take to help you evaluate deals even with no experience.

Initial Lead taking

First you get a phone call from a seller. What you want to do is, ask him a series of questions to really get everything you can about the property. You really need to try and build rapport with the seller, so they know that you are not trying to take advantage of them but there to help. Never take advantage of anyone, I personally will never work with an investor who has. There are bad investors out there and they give us good investors a bad name. So be kind and passionate with every seller and put their best interest first.

You need to ask for the address, beds, baths, square footage, any special features, ask them the reason they want to sell, repairs needed, the loan balance, are the payments current, if not the bank name and home many months behind, then ask them what they are looking to get for the property. There are other questions I ask sellers but these are the basics.

After they have said an amount they want for the house, always say if I can pay all cash and pay all your closing costs what is the lowest you can possibly take. Never be the first to say a price; always get the seller to say a price first. In a negotiation the first one to name a number always loses.

The reason you want to get why the property owner is selling is because you can determine their motivation. If a seller tells you there is an auction next week, then I would think that they are pretty motivated. Let the seller know that you will try and help them with what they need. If they are going to need a place to live once they sell the property try and find them something they can afford. Always try and understand their situation and know that everyone goes through tough times.

It is going to take you about 10-50 calls before you really feel comfortable with asking all the questions you need to ask. You cannot be afraid to ask tough questions, you need to know all the facts in order to save yourself money and so you can best help the customer.

Running Comparables

The next step you need to do is run comparables. This way you get a good feel for the area and what similar houses in the area are selling for. If you are a real estate agent you have access to the MLS which will allow you to see comparable sales. When looking at comparable sales always look in a half a mile radius of that property. Also take into consideration the location of each comparable. Some comparables can be a block away but because on is on a busy street it may not be a good comp.

Now if you do not have access to the MLS yourself you can contact a realtor and see if he/she can help you out. There are also some software programs out there that can provide you with comps. Just make sure that the comps you are finding are recent and accurate.

Go look at the property

Next you need to go out to the property and take a look at it for yourself. I also recommend driving to each of your comps and making sure they are similar to your house. You will never really know if a property is what the seller says it is until you go and look at it yourself. If the seller lets you take a look at the inside then you can determine around what the rehab cost will be. You will not know exactly until you have a chance to get some contractors in there or if you have done a lot you can kind of determine rehab price.

Determine you asking price

Now once you have all of your data piled together of what similar houses are selling for you can determine what you want to offer the seller. For doing rehabs you need to buy the property around 65% of what the after repair value would be. This means that if you find a property worth $100,000 in mint condition you need to buy the property around $65,000. But this will also depend on the amount of repairs that are needed. If the property needs $30,000 in repairs then it’s not a deal. Some deals you may have to buy at 40% of the after repair value depending on the repairs needed. It will just take some time to really get a feel for where you need to buy the properties.

There are also other fees, commissions, your profit and things that you need to consider into you deal. Make sure that you are very detailed about what your expenses are going to be. This should have given you some idea about where you need to start and the process of evaluating a deal.

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Real Estate Investing for Beginners

Real estate investing for beginners was never an easy task. There are numerous companies that sell properties for those who are just starting but the big question will depend on how trustworthy these companies are to help you sort out your goods. Can you entrust these companies with your money and pray that they won’t leave you bankrupt? If you are a beginner, here are five important tips you can follow. These tips will help you figuring out what to do and what to look for when considering the purchase of a specific property from individuals or companies.

Tip 1 – Background check

One of the most important things to look out for in a company is to check if they have a good background record. Many of these companies sprung up just years ago therefore it is quite difficult to determine their status. However, not because certain companies are new in the industry doesn’t mean that it will hinder your attempt. Research on their status, search for testimonials, talk to those who have successfully made business with the company and ask of their performance. Above all, you have to check if the company’s financially sound and stable. You can asses for general information of the company through the web and other resources.

Tip 2 – Expect for Positive Cash Flow

There are companies involved in selling that are good in selling something that is already there. You have to keep an eye on companies like these. You have to know if the property being sold to you will bring profit each month or will it be just another headache. You have to demand concrete proof from the company. Don’t easily agree and sign on that contract just because of the promises of sales talk. Do your own research of the company and not ask for the person’s opinion about it. It is of utmost importance that your decision will depend on the diligence that you invest.

Tip 3 – Asses the area

Before agreeing on the deal, make sure that the area you are about to purchase is a good property. As a beginner, you have to stick to the areas that have good reputation. Areas that have the best reputations are those that don’t financially stack up and rents don’t cover the mortgage. Therefore you have to go with the properties having a very convenient site and figures just don’t stack up. You have to be very careful with individuals and companies wanting to sell properties in specific locations that aren’t fit for “safe” living. Some of these areas have histories of crime, death, drugs, etc. These properties are fine but for beginners, these pose risks. At the meantime, you have to say a big “NO” with these kinds of offers until you have fully developed yourself in estimating your experiences.

Tip 4 – Property affordability

Don’t just say yes because you loved the property, it’s unwise. You have to consider first if it’s affordable. There are companies who specialize in making people want to buy their offer, especially for the beginners. Some companies or individuals will deceive you into thinking that what you are purchasing has no strings attached but then again you will finally realize that you have paid for a nice piece of property that you cannot afford.

Companies and some individuals have their way of luring beginners into a false bargain. Be particular with your decisions. Sometimes, these wonderful real estate investing offers can turn out into worst case scenarios.

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New on the real estate investing business? No problem. This will easily help you deal with the ups and downs of the real estate dilemma. A novice investor usually has doubts regarding the outcome of his or her property investment and will nevertheless back-out on the verge of different risks arising. That is not quite the deal. There are different techniques to deal with like shortcomings or unexpected situations. More so, a beginner can avoid such difficulties just by following these simple techniques.

Think Positive

One of the most common mistakes a novice makes is being pessimistic even before things start. Of course things are always rough at the beginning because of certain adjustments that one has to make. Even so, as a beginner you shouldn’t be bothered by a negativistic attitude. You have to think positively and prove to yourself that things can go as planned. You have to think that the property you have can bring you money.

Do your Homework

There are tons of people in the real estate business who would tell you numerous wonderful things about property investment. Majority of what they’re saying are flowery words that can make you easily give in. Don’t just agree with what they are saying because almost all of them says the same. You have to do your homework and find proof that the figures they boast are real indeed and not just coming from the grapevine. Diving into the depths of investments just because someone said so is not a wise decision. Research will be tough but will definitely pay off. Aside from learning the facts, you would also have knowledge on the twists and turns of the business. Hard work usually pays off, remember that.

Reason for Investment

Why are so many people in this business? Typically because they want to make more than what they used to earn. There are tons of reasons why a novice extends his or her efforts in real estate. Whatever the reason may be, be sure that you have a strategy. Knowing why you want to invest will give you sufficient reason that would want to encourage you to reach your goal, even if things aren’t going the way it is planned. The moment you are certain, you can create a strategy around your base, this will make it easier for you to reach your goal.

Be Careful of Investment Companies

Companies go against each other ferociously to be hosts. There are those who claim that they can do the work of buying or selling the property for the novices so that they won’t have to be bothered with working. Some of the companies which such claims are indeed good with their aim but some just doesn’t cut it. It would be best that you know the basics on a good property investment equation before agreeing on the companies’ deal. Through knowing the basics, you can easily identify if the proposed deal will do good for your property.

Avenue of escape

When the going gets tough, a beginner should have an effective escape strategy so as not to be kept within the dilemma of being caught in the middle of nowhere trying to figure out how to solve the hype. The one major reason why beginners fail is because of their failure to anticipate that things might go wrong, therefore needing an escape plan before things get worse. This is one of the best strategies in real estate investing.

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Real Estate Investing and its Basics

Have you already tried real estate investing? Many people have tried it and some succeeded but others failed. The reason why many investors fail is because they do not know the basics. Real estate investing can be very profitable but only to those who are willing to give their best efforts, time, and money.

You need to ensure that all the deals are profitable and by knowing the basics, you will definitely reap significant profits.

It’s quite ordinary to encounter challenges as your start investing in real estate. Even if there are pitfalls, you should not be discouraged to pursue your investments. You just need to ensure that you learn from your mistakes because this is one way of learning from your experiences. As years pass, you can already master the closing of profitable deals and walking away from bad ones.

If you want to be successful in the real estate business, you need to know some of the basics. You can use these things to create a profitable investment portfolio.

1. Learn how to find the right seller at the right place and time.

2. You should learn the qualities of a good negotiator so that you can close good investment deals.

3. When looking into various real estate deals, you should be able to decide quickly whether you will proceed or walk away. Try to accurately analyze the investment deals and then make an informed decision.

4. You need to be familiar with the various areas of the real estate business. Know the different terms like wrap mortgages, cash sales, lease options, short sales, and many other terminologies. This is one way to understand the language used by your fellow investors.

5. Know the concept and meaning of real estate investment, as well as the benefits and financial risks.

After you’ve learned about the basics, it’s up to you to decide whether you will enter the real estate business or not. If you simply put your best effort to it, you can earn potential rewards. Don’t be surprised if you have little confidence when you enter the real estate market because as you gain experience, your confidence will grow. It will surely help if you’re able to close a few good deals after you’ve began investing. But you don’t need to be satisfied with the deals you’ve closed. You can still close better deals in the future.

Develop your skills further by reading more real estate info resources. Learning is a continuous process. As you become more experienced and successful, your investment portfolio will also grow.

Have a game plan and look for hidden opportunities. You need to study the current market and the buying trends. Once you find the opportunities, grab them and you will reap huge money.

Real estate investing is for everyone but it entails hard work. Many people are already choosing this profitable career to ensure their financial stability in the future. Again, be ready for the possible pitfalls and challenges that you will encounter in the first few years. This is natural but you need to learn how to face them. By being more informed and knowledgeable, you can make the best decisions for the improvement of your portfolio. Good luck with your investments and continue in gathering helpful information sources.

You will succeed if you’re willing to work hard and if you have enough capital investment.

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Tips on Joining a Real Estate Investing Group

Not recently, real estate investing has become one of the most popular trends in making money. This is a fact. Some of the richest persons in the world who proudly maintained a real estate investing status have acquired more and is still growing. Give it a moment. If you think that real estate investing is your thing and you don’t have the slightest idea on how it works, then it’s time to spend some time in trenches.

Below are some of the tips on how to effectively join an investing group. This would be moderately challenging but if followed effectively, one will get through.

Step 1 – Be knowledgeable

Do a quick research on the investment groups concerned with real estate within your area. You can do this through an online search. Finding your right guy will be faster if done on the net although, there are investment groups not found on the Internet. A one-click search engine will reveal a lot of appropriate groups within the city. It is much appropriate to find a group within your area before looking into the bigger picture. This will help you ease out your options.

Step 2 – Attend meetings

It is always a plus when you attend meetings of groups. This will help you determine the group’s status and what you can get out of them. You have to realize if that group provides more advantage than disadvantage. A lot of investment groups allow those vying for membership to attend their functions without charge or for a minimum fee which won’t hurt the budget, and will not require commitment. Investors know that there is nothing appropriate which would fit the majority. It is up to the person to decide if the opportunity is the right thing for them.

Step 3 – Ask related questions

Whatever it is that pops out of your mind, ask it. Don’t hesitate to bring about questions that will be beneficial on your part. Make sure that when you ask, the member whom you brought up the question with is knowledgeable, approachable and have made quite an experience with regards to the investment field. You must remind yourself of you purpose in joining the team and it is to network and gain knowledge.

Step 4 – Join in

Simply said than done. It is quite simple to join but you have to keep in mind that before joining, you have weighed the pros and cons of the group. Because every real estate investment group produces sets of rules and standards to follow, you have to make sure that it has met the criteria you have set on yourself. Don’t agree with the terms if you don’t feel comfortable with the group. The moment you have decided to join in, commit. Invest your energy and time working with your group. In every group, there are certain fees to provide so make sure that you are aware on the price. Still, if you are hesitant to commit, visit other groups and analyze them well.

A piece of advice though, in real estate investing, joining clubs or organizations concerned with investment must meet all your expectations otherwise the partnership will not work. There are several type of real estate investment clubs that offers a lot.

Joining a club will give you a better view of where you’re heading.

Learn how to Network with some of the Top Real Estate Investors

For beginners, real estate investing is never a walk in the park. It has a lot of risks. There are numerous companies that sell property investments for novices but the question would strike you with the trust that they impose. This is a beginner’s investment guide for one to realize the things that he or she needs to say “no” to and what should be regarded as false reassurances.

Tip 1 – Scout the area

Before investing in a property, you must first asses the area. Does it have every inch of it being desirable for a family, a couple or an individual to live in? For beginners, you must first try to settle on the ones that’s “safe”. Ignore those that have risks attached to it. Stick to the properties with good reputation. Areas having good reputations will not cover any mortgage therefore looking for an area where figures do stack up is more appropriate. You have to be very careful with individuals and companies who indulge in selling properties that looks ancient or having lots of deserted houses or was known to be an area having illegal activities like drug trafficking and so on. These kinds of properties are fine but if you don’t have any kind of background yet, stick to the safest areas offered.

Tip 2 – Trust no one

Ask yourself this – do I have the money to afford the property of my choice? Commissions come in huge packages. Individuals or companies have ways of creatively getting your attention and dodging you into agreeing with their offer. Some of the truths are hidden lies that often make you think that you can afford a particular property where in fact, it will lead you to bankruptcy. If you think you can’t afford the property, don’t accept the offer. Turn it down. You will have a certain gut feeling about this, rest assured. Don’t be easily swept with seemingly wise words and sweet nothings. Follow your own pace. However, pushing yourself to achieving your goals will lead you in achieving learning and development.

Tip 3 – Ask

Don’t be afraid to pop out a question especially for those who are saying so much. If an agent or a certain individual offers you something, ask the person if he or she has invested in the property that he or she is offering. If they have, then, it proves that the property is and will be a good investment. But if they haven’t invested in anything that they claim, pop another question. Sometimes, what companies and agents offer will speak for themselves. Think, if what they offer are so fantastic, then why haven’t they invested on it? Until they have satisfied your questions, might as well turn down the offer.

Tip 4 – Be on your guard

There are a lot of people who will go into such lengths such as fooling other people for their benefit. You shouldn’t be fooled by what companies claim about property masters or gurus for these may lure you into believing nothing. In real estate investing, you have to always be on your guard to avoid certain decisions that can lead you into a predicament.

Following these simple tips will definitely guide you into having a more profitable and risk-free deal. These tips will give you a head start.

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Selling Your Home Fast

We all know that buying or selling a home can be a time consuming process. Although there are thousands of people looking to buy homes, it can be a tricky process finding the right person interested in your home. With hundreds of thousands of homes for sale in the United States, there is always some form of competition.

If you’re looking to sell your home fast, you’ll need to attract as much attention as possible. A real estate agent can help, although he can only do so much. He can show your home and help to get it out there to buyers, although he can’t make it sell. If you want to sell it fast, you’ll need to do some work yourself. If you put the effort into selling your home fast, chances are that you will.

The quickest way to sell a home is by staging it. Staged homes literally invite the buyer in, making him feel right at home. Staged homes are also appealing both inside and out, and are more or less ready to be moved into immediately. They don’t sit on the market for long at all, yet they bring a top dollar sell. If you are familiar with staged homes – you should know that they are among the fastest selling homes on the market.

If you don’t want to use a real estate agent, it’s still quite possible to sell your home – and sell it fast. You’ll need to do everything yourself, which involves getting your home out there to the market and showing it to potential buyers. You can always list your home in local newspapers, magazines, and put a “for sale by owner” sign in the yard. This way, you are letting buyers know that your home is for sale. Some buyers prefer homes that are for sale by the owner, as they don’t have to pay a real estate agent or deal with one directly.

When you sell your home, you should always make sure that the exterior is clean, the lawn is trim, and the interior is in superb condition. If you plan to live there until it is sold, you’ll want to make sure that you have the interior staged as best as you can. You want to give the buyer a great feeling, so he’ll stay and won’t leave. If your home is visually appealing both inside and out, a buyer will want to see more.

Once a buyer wants to see more of your home, chances are you have found the individual who will buy it. You should never make the buyer feel pressured, but instead make him feel that you are interested in his thoughts and opinions. If you show a buyer that you care – you will go a long way in establishing trust – which will help you sell your home.

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“Own Nothing, Control Everything” John D Rockefeller

An LLC actually combines aspects of partnerships and corporations, so an LLC is less formal and more flexible than a typical corporation, yet offers protection as well as certain advantages that are much the same. For example, members cannot be found personally liable for company debts. Their assets are separate from the assets of the LLC so they cannot be seized. One of the advantages of an LLC is that taxation is based on the partnership model. Flow-through taxation is advantageous since members are only required to pay taxes on their earnings once instead of paying both corporate and individual taxes.

There are several benefits of running your real estate investing business with an LLC. The first benefit is protection. Make sure that you contact an attorney or tax professional. I use an LLC in my business and know several big time investors who also use them.

An LLC, unlike a sole proprietorship or partnership, provides bullet proof asset, privacy and identity protection. Every person who owns rental properties should have them protected with LLC’s. This way if something does happen you are protected and they cannot go after any of your other assets.

Another reason is tax savings. An LLC allows business owners to keep more of what they make with access to hundreds of legal tax credits. An LLC gives a small business the appearance of a large credible and established company. It is important to establish yourself and your business as a brand. This way people who hear a company like Big Sky Property Solutions LLC know what you do and how amazing you are.

The last is building business credit. An LLC has the ability to establish a separate, more powerful credit profile than an individual. The benefits of building business credit are access to capital. You can obtain cash, credit, platinum cards, auto and equipment leases without a personal guarantee. You can also build a business credit profile under the business name, completely separate from the individual owners’ personal credit profiles. It also greatly increases your ability to obtain credit, leases, and government contracts with a verifiable business credit profile. Achieve peace of mind by having access to capital to ensure that the business can grow and prosper.

I hope this article gave you some great information about why every real estate investor should be using LLC’s.

By Christopher Seder

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